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pink flowers

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[Lilac Tulips]

Georgia O’Keefe painted flowers large and close up because she said no one ever really looked at them and she wanted to make sure that they did.

I started taking photographs of flowers because of their wonderful colours and the intricate designs of even the tiniest of wild flowers. I began by being completely ignorant about plants but as I wandered around various places, taking photographs and talking to people, I quickly amassed an amazing amount of horticultural information. 

I was also taken into many gardens and homes and met some wonderful “ordinary” people with very unordinary life stories.  These images celebrate the overlooked beauty of the ordinary, of the everyday.

Pink Rose - Link to Pink Flowers] [Agapantha - Link to Blue Flowers] Ornage Bourganvilla - Link to Orange Flowers] [Red Rose - Link to Red Flowers] [Link to Yellow Flowers] [Daisy - Link to White Flowers] [Pansy - Link to Purple and Lilac Flowers] [Dandelion Seedhead - Link to Leaves, Grasses and Seeheads]
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