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[Old Woodbrook House in Trinidad]

Woodbrook House, Trinidad



All over our sometimes crowded world are structures and remains of structures designed and built by humans that reflect their hopes, needs and powers.

At their best, these mirror their surroundings and enhance the space they occupy. Sometimes their lack of humanity and sheer ugliness makes me wonder about the people who made them.

The remains of past times are always interesting to me, I imagine the stories they might tell; of the people who designed and built them and those who lived in and used them.

These are some of the urban landscapes I have captured in my travels.

London | Trinidad & Tobago | Cardiff | Newport

[Albert Bridge London - Link to London] [Civic Centre Cardiff - Link to Wales] [Tobago Villas - Link to Trinidad & Tobago] [Eden Project - Link to Devon] [Newport Wetland Lighthouse - Link to Wales] [Llanthony Priory - Link to Wales] [Tin mile - Link to Cornwall]
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